The Legacy Story

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Legacy was founded by Brad and Cami Hunter in honor of a loving mother and in memory of a devoted father.

Brad’s mother raised three sons with her husband while working as a nurse most of her life. Her work often led her to the bedside of children too sick to live at home. She cared for them and loved them as her own, often comforting them through the end of their lives. We honor her for her selfless dedication to these children and her family. She is our inspiration for the care we provide every day.

Cami’s father was a hardworking farmer brought up through the great depression. He raised two sons and a daughter. Later in life he was diagnosed with a life limiting illness and referred to a hospice. Hospice was highly recommended as the right kind of care for his needs. With all of his children by his side, he passed away comfortably in his home. We remember him for being an honorable and loving father. He is the reason we founded our hospice and work tirelessly in his memory.

Our name, Legacy Hospice, is both a legacy honoring the memory of a father, and our family’s wish to help you leave a legacy.

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Our logo has meaning as well. This father loved hummingbirds, and he and his daughter planted gardens around their home to attract them. The gardens were a place he spent quality time with his family. Hummingbirds are often recognized as a symbol of faith. This symbol of faith and a father’s love inspired our logo.

Legacy Hospice is a family owned and operated organization. Our family lives and works in Virginia. We care about our neighbors and our community, and we are committed to providing the highest level of care possible to our patients and families. If you are not completely satisfied with the services received from Legacy, please call our mobile phone at any time day or night at (434) 249-4955. We will immediately address your concerns to ensure you and your loved ones are cared for with dignity and compassion.

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